Great Northern Railway proposed extension route for Parish of Enfield - Railway Extension Route

In 1898 this proposed extension plan was drawn up by the Great Northern Railway for an act of Parliament to extend the railway line north of Enfield. The aim was primarily to ease pressure on the main line. Drawings like these were crucial to taking into account those who would be affected by the plans and showed details of the housing and land in the proposed area of construction. Several large houses in the area of Chase Green had to be demolished to make way for the railway. Claims for compensation were also made by the Churchwardens of Enfield who wanted £16,000 for the 10 acres of parish land that would be lost to them when the railway was built. The enabling act was passed in 1898 and work on the extension began some years later in 1906. The new line between Grange Park and Cuffley finally opened on 4th April 1910 and continues to be a well used route into central London.
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