Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some frequently asked questions about this website.


Which museums are involved?

The museums involved in this collaboration are:-

For more information go to our About Us page

Where do the objects on the website come from?

The objects on this website come from the collections of the partner museums listed above. Each object record is marked with the logo of the Museum to which it belongs.

Where can I go to see the objects featured on the website?

To see the objects featured on this website you will need to contact the Museum to which the object belongs. Use the links above to visit  the websites for the individual Museums where you will find further information on accessing the collections.

Why are the images not larger?

The size of the largest image is dictated by the copyright agreement when the project was launched in 2006. Whilst we would like to have larger images for display, it is difficult to change in retrospect. When or if the site is overhauled in the future image size will be reviewed.

There is an error on your website, who do I contact about this?

If you spot a mistake and want to let us know, fill in a Feedback Form with the details. If the error relates to an object please include the ID number for that object to enable us to locate it. The ID number can be found on the object pages under the image and will look like this: LTM_2005/7614.

I have some information about one of the objects on your site, how can I let you know?

If you have some information about one of the objects on this site fill in a Feedback Form with the details. Remember to include the ID number for the object in question. See above for information on how to locate the object ID number.

Can I copy/download images shown on the website?

All of the images on this website are subject to copyright and prior permission is required before they can be copied or reproduced. For information on copying images shown on the website please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Why do some records have no images?

The project has tried to clear copyright on all objects held on this site. On occasions we were unable to clear reproduction rights and so some records are displayed without their accompanying image.