Homemaker - cup and saucer

Enid Seeney designed the pattern on this saucer in 1956. She had studied at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 1954-55, and during her time in London started keeping a scrapbook of images she snipped from magazines. The ?Homemaker? pattern was inspired by images of furniture and household objects that she had collected in this scrapbook, and by pieces that she?d seen in London shops. The chair is very similar to a reclining one designed by Robin Day for Hille in 1952, and the eye and bone design on the lampshade is probably inspired by the mobiles of the American sculptor Alexander Calder; she had visited an exhibition of his in a West End gallery when she was a student at the RCA.
Production Date:
ID no:
GMUS_20/1993-2 and 3
Object Size:
Diameter 14cm
Geffrye Museum
Object Material:
machine printed glazed earthenware

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