Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station is a major transport hub for both Network Rail and London Underground. It is located near the eastern edge of the City of London on the former site of the Bethlem Royal Hospital (better known as Bedlam).

Liverpool Street Station was opened in 1874 as the terminus of the Great Eastern Railway linking London with East Anglia. The Underground station was opened the following year when the Metropolitan Railway (now the Metropolitan Line on the Underground) was extended to Liverpool Street. The Central Line was also extended to Liverpool Street in 1912, and terminated there for more than 30 years.

Liverpool Street was bombed on several occasions in the 20th Century. In 1917, the station was one of the first places in London to be bombed by German Gotha bombers. The station was also damaged during the Blitz in World War Two when a bomb shattered the glass roofing. Further damage occurred in 1993 when an IRA car-bomb in Bishopsgate exploded.

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