A shop in Clare Market slum, Westminster - photograph

This photo shows buildings in New Inn Passage, Houghton Street in what was called the 'Clare Market Slum'. This cluster of narrow, dirty streets lined with butchers' and greengrocers' shops was shortly to be demolished as part of the Kingsway-Aldwych Improvement scheme (1905). Various London School of Economics buildings now stand here. The scene shows a shop selling provisions such as butter, tea and sweets. Two young girls and a cat in the shop doorway move too quickly to be caught distinctly by the camera. Slum clearance sometimes made matters worse for the urban poor. The authorities that cleared the slums were under no obligation to re-house their occupants, and by reducing the amount of cheap housing available, they forced up rents in the remaining slums.
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Photographer : London County Council
Transport for London

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