Brochure for new houses in Edgware, 1935

In the mid-1930s Roger Malcom Ltd were building houses speculatively in and around Edgware. The houses in this brochure represented the higher end of the market, as they were architect-designed and finished to a high standard. The tube had made its way to Edgware in 1924, opening up the area for builders to buy up land and make a profit from people wishing to buy houses and become commuters. Stone Grove, like much of the area, had been broken up from a larger estate and sold in parcels to speculative builders. Often these builders did deals with the local council for providing services for their new estates. They also often had relationships with developers who would see that retailers were brought into the area as well.
Production Date:
ca. 1935
ID no:
Roger Malcolm Ltd
MoDA, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture (Middlesex University)

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