'Women's Sunday', Hyde Park - photograph

This photograph is of Women's Sunday, a public demonstration organised by the Women's Social and Political Union on 21 June 1908. The meeting had been promoted in 'Votes for Women' as a 'monster meeting'. Trains were specially chartered to bring in thousands of suffragettes from all over Britain. Frederick Pethick-Lawerence, the paper's co-editor, persuaded the authorities to remove a quarter of a mile of park railings to accommodate the seven processions that gathered in Hyde Park from seven different directions. Amongst the brass bands, suffrage singers and banner parades were 20 temporary platforms erected in a circle around the park for 80 speakers to address the crowds. Annie Kenney, in the centre of this photograph, is about to take her place as chair of Platform Three.
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H 101 mm; L 162 mm
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