Suffragettes at Bow Street court - photograph

This photograph shows Christabel Pankhurst, Flora Drummond and Emmeline Pankhurst at their hearing at Bow Street Court, in October 1908. The three suffragettes were charged with involvement in incitement to 'rush the House of Commons'. Christabel, who had studied law at university, chose to defend herself, took the opportunity to serve subpoenas on two Cabinet ministers: Lloyd George and Herbert Gladstone, a stunt that ensured maximum press for the suffragettes. The women were sentenced to three months in Holloway Gaol. Flora was released after just nine days when it was revealed she was pregnant. Emmeline and Christabel used this spell in jail to demand the status of political prisoners for all imprisoned suffragettes. As punishment for disobeying prison rules, Emmeline served her sentence in solitary confinement.
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H 120 mm; L 165 mm
Halftones Limited
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