These are the steel handcuffs used to arrest Dr Crippen, and a hearing aid used by the doctor. In 1910 Dr Crippen announced the death of his wife, Cora; but suspicions were raised after Crippen's mistress, Ethel Le Neve, moved into his home at 39 Hilldrop Crescent, Camden Town, and was seen wearing Cora's jewellery. An investigation uncovered Cora's headless remains buried under the coal cellar floor. Crippen and his mistress had already escaped aboard a boat to Canada disguised as father and son, but were recognised by the ship's captain. He alerted police by sending a message via the recently invented Marconi telegraph, and the couple were arrested before they landed. Dr Crippen was found guilty of murder, and hanged at Pentonville Prison on 28 November 1910. Ethel Le Neve was found not guilty and settled in Croydon.
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whole: H 25 mm; L 260 mm; D 70 mm
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