The Hopper - drawing; black conte crayon; charcoal

Martin Fidler's composite drawing includes elements from various sites in Greenwich including Granite Wharf, Cadet Place, and Banning Street. Fidler completed a number of drawings at all these sites. From these he created this work recording remnants of the past that were still visible in the late 20th century. 'The disused hopper is one of many poignant reminders that convey a rich heritage of activity amongst one Thames community. This part of London is abandoned, haunting and in a perplexing state of flux between new and old ways. Lightermen, watermen and local people have dissolved into the shadows.' Fidler's use of light and contrasting dark tones helps him to express his interest in the past. It also allows him to convey the sculptural quality of contemporary, seemingly everyday, objects.
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56.0 x 76.3 cm.
Fidler, Martin
© Martin Fidler

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