Gypsy Boy, Camden Lock - print; photogravure using Kodak Photo Resist (KPR)

This is one of a set of four prints Alyson Hunter made of Camden Town and its inhabitants. Here she sets the head and shoulders of a gypsy boy against the backdrop of Camden Lock. This print was created using an unusual technique that combines photography and etching. Hunter first started using this technique in 1971. After creating a printing plate from an existing photograph, she then worked on the plate to heighten the contrast and alter the emphasis of the original. The process uses a chemical called K.P.R. (Kodak Photo Resist), which is now unobtainable because it is considered harmful. Hunter stopped using this technique after 1987.
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33.9 x 44.1 cm
Hunter, Alyson Stoneman
© Alyson Hunter

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