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This copy of 'Vanity Fair' magazine was published in March 1997. The front cover, by photographer Lorenzo Agius, shows actress Patsy Kensit and her then husband singer Liam Gallagher representing the public face of 'Cool Britannia'. The issue includes a special report on 'How London got its groove back' after the 'swinging sixties' with photographs by David LaChapelle, Michael Roberts and Agius. Articles inside include reactions to London as 'the Coolest City on Earth' with features on the City's contemporary tailors, models, designers, restaurateurs, musicians, 'hedonists' and Tony Blair, whom the magazine describes as 'the visionary'. The article is set in the context of the country's 're-branding' by the Labour government as 'Cool Britannia'; a term used to promote Britain abroad.
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March 1997
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Vanity Fair
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