Caribbean family in Trafalgar Square - painting; oil on canvas

The circumstances of this painting are not known, but it seems to be a comment on the place of Britain's commonwealth citizens in the heart of the capital. This painting is one of a pair: the other depicts a family in Indian dress, also in Trafalgar Square. Both paintings appear to date from the 1950s, a period when debate about commonwealth immigration was at its height. The 1948 British Nationality Act had extended citizenship rights to people in commonwealth countries. In 1961 these rights were altered by the Commonwealth Immigration Act, which removed commonwealth citizens' automatic right to settle in the United Kingdom. Little is known of the artist, Harold Dearden, beyond the fact that he lived in Swindon and was a Christadelphian, so believed in harmony between all Christian brethren. There may be a religious dimension to his work.
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76.5 x 74 cm
Dearden, Harold
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