Balfron Tower on the Brownfield estate, Bromley-by-Bow - photograph

The 26-storey Balfron Tower, Bromley-by-Bow, was completed in 1965 as part of the Brownfield estate. Modernist Erno Goldfinger, influenced by the ideas of architect Le Corbusier, designed Balfron for the Greater London Council. In an attempt to raise public opinion of such structures, Goldfinger and his wife temporarily left their affluent home in Hampstead and moved into flat No 130 on the 26th floor. The couple greeted tenants with champagne, and discussed their new homes. Balfron and Goldfinger's similarly styled Trellick Tower both developed reputations for anti-social behaviour and crime. The photo contributed to an exhibition, Tower Blocks: Love Them or Loath Them, held at the Museum of London in 1999.
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Seaborne, Mike
�� Museum of London

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