Bomb damage to Paternoster Square during the Blitz - photograph

Paternoster Square, beside St Paul's Cathedral, was once central to the publishing industry, full of bookshops, printers, stationers and warehouses. On the night of 29 December 1940, the City of London was hit by one of the heaviest night raids of the Blitz. Businesses such as Simpkins and Marshall, Hutchinsons, Blackwoods, Longmans and Collins sustained serious damage. Police Constables Arthur Cross and Fred Tibbs photographed the aftermath of the raid the following morning. An employee of the Architectural Review arrived at the printers to find only rubble. St Paul's stood among the devastation, almost unscathed by the attack.
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whole: 166 x 219 mm
Cross & Tibbs
By Kind Permission of The Commissioner of the City of London Police

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