Ilford Advocate camera (1949)

Ilford Limited was based in Ilford from 1878 until 1976 and was best known for its high-grade photographic paper and chemicals. Its cameras were made for the company but not made by them. Primarily, the firm used the cameras to promote their films. The Advocate camera was introduced in 1949. It was designed and made by Kennedy Instruments. Mr Kennedy went to school with Mr Mitchell, one of Ilford Limited's directors, in Scotland. The Kennedys were high class motor engineers. To exercise more control, Ilford formed Kennedy Instruments. The camera was made of Aluminium Silicon alloy and finished in a very distinctive ivory enamel. The lens by Dallmeyer was quite expectional being more than equal to the Leica 35mm cameras of the time. Reproduced from 'The Cameras of Ilford Limited 1899 - 1969' by Andrew J.Holliman', 1996
Production Date:
ID no:
Object Size:
H 7.5cm, W 13.5cm, L 6cm
Redbridge Museum
Object Material:
leather & metal alloy

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